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Time Presenter Show information
00:00 Andy Brooks Andy on Radio Seagull. The great music continues
01:00 Chris Cooper Rocking in the night
03:00 Timewarp With The Pilot
04:00 Dave Fox The most music you can get into three hours
07:00 Keith Rogers A brand new show!
09:00 Mike Hagler Muisc's impact on our daily lives over the years.
11:00 Bill Everatt A Dynamite Music Mix!
13:00 Rick Marks with music from the 1950's to the present day
15:00 Stevie Gordon Seagull Country
17:00 Alan Hodgetts Another two hours of the best music
19:00 Keith Rogers Rockin' into the evening
21:00 Mike Hagler Not to be missed!
23:00 Roger Davis With music through midnight