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Time Presenter Show information
00:00 Dave Collins Dave continues to entertain you
01:00 Paul Stiles Paul Stiles with music from the artists playing in the coming week on the UK blues scene
04:00 Bill Everatt Back onboard and working hard
05:00 Symfomania GJ the DJ in Dutch, but what great music!
07:00 Martin O'Brien The man from Cork with his tasty pint of Beamish
09:00 Mandy Great music in Mandy's unique style
13:00 Toward The Unknown Region Chris B with an eclectic mix of prog/rock/dance/trance/folk/world plus this weeks New Singles from 1969
16:00 Dave Collins The best music from our man in Brussels
17:00 Jim Richman Still Rockin'
19:00 Martin O'Brien With another pint?
22:00 Mandy More great music in Mandy's unique style