Radio Seagull on air: STEVIE GORDON

Show times:
Sunday 07-10 and 19-22 CET. Also presenter of Seagull Country Wednesday 15-17, and Thursday 03-05 CET.

Stevie writes:

Like so many others, my career in broadcasting began with hospital radio followed by a first freelance contract for the BBC. After that, I answered an ad. in Melody Maker and set off to Scandinavia to work as a travelling nightclub DJ.

However, radio was still my first interest and I applied for a job with UBN. Their Programme Director Allan King had just been on holiday in Israel where he had met Abe Nathan who was looking for presenters for the Voice of Peace. Allan liked my demo, asked me if I would be interested in going to the Middle East; and so began my ongoing affair with watery wireless!

I joined the Voice of Peace in September 1975, learnt much from some very experienced Australians, and three months later was senior DJ. The following summer, Kelvin O'Shea joined the crew and recommended that I went to Caroline which I did later in the year.

That was at the time of Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and the 70's disco boom; and I was lucky in being able to divide my time between life onboard the Mi Amigo, and a brilliant residency at a large nightclub complex in Aalborg, Denmark. I really had the best of both worlds and my star rose even higher when the Mi Amigo sank and "Stevie from the Ambassadeur" was seen on national Danish TV News.

With Caroline temporarily off the air, I needed another radio job and accepted Abe's offer for another tour of duty on the VOP. After that, I came ashore joining Sunshine Radio in Dublin although I shared my time in Ireland with Chris Cary's Radio Nova, and South Coast Radio in Cork.

Then, back again to Scandinavia where there were more discos and more radio jobs including one at Radio Hamar where I joined the staff. Surfing the web one day, I came across a Dutch website for Radio Caroline, put in a response and Sietse Brouwer immediately called me with an invitation to join a planned Caroline Cable Network. I accepted. CCN became Radio Seagull, I presented the first programme, was later asked to become Programme Director and, when the Jenni Baynton was bought, took my job back onboard a radioship. I will try not to sink this one!