Radio Seagull on air: STEVE ESSEX

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Steve writes:

I grew up in the sixties and was left with memories of being glued to the Navy Lark and the brilliant Round The Horne as well as Big L closing and Caroline continuing for a while. The 70s thankfully brought us RNI and I became a huge fan, then this weird wonderful noise would sometimes come in on 259, Radio Seagull playing stuff you heard nowhere else, and then it was gone, amazingly replaced by Caroline and then she comes back across and this time I am truly hooked.

I start running mobile discos in the vain hope that someday I will end up on a ship somewhere, I go along to Zeezenders 20 and decide to have a go at the Peace Ship, where I spent an eventful six months in 1980/81. After the VOP I returned to mobile work ,did a bit of Hospital Radio, auditioned for Radio Luxembourg, but Mike Hollis got the gig!

I joined landbased pirate Southeast Sound in '83 and had great fun until we got busted in '85, I got out to Caroline and did a short stint in '86, I finally hung up my mobile slipmats in 2008. Online and Shortwave Radio brought me back in 2012, and after 40 odd years I finally get to work for Seagull!