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Paul writes:

It was 1967 and Tony 'hello' Windsor had just hired me. He said I reminded him of Kenny Everett, but I had much nicer boots. Luckily he couldn't understand much of the Dutch language and so I got away with a whole lot of what the cleaning woman wouldn't even dare to utter in the BBC resting room.

We did OK with the radio-vessel that once carried dead bodies from North Korea back to the States and within three months we had some 3 million listeners in both Holland and the UK.

The Laissez Faire, at first carrying the DJ's of Swinging Radio England, American radio at its best, that Europe had never heard, now with Dutch as well as English DJ"s on board, wasn't doing bad at all, but suddenly it all too soon ended. I'm still darn lucky, working for Dutch national radio and a couple of smaller stations in Holland.

Playing guitar and spinning records, what more does an old hippy want? And yes, I still do play lots of New Orleans stuff along with Americana and (doowoppy) oldies…'Ha' mercy'….. (sorry for my foolish American accent, my father was from Alabama but I was brought up Dutch, not even a native speaker…) and do allow me my zany 'radiocartoons'.


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