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Paul writes:

I grew up in Cambridgeshire and I currently live with my wife Maureen in Peterborough, still in the County Of Cambridgeshire.

At the age of twelve two things impacted on my life, firstly hearing the sound of The Beatles and so many other amazing bands of that era and secondly the arrival of a number of pirate radio stations based on boats broadcasting from the North Sea. What a combination, excellent stations with a new found freedom playing incredible music or the limited programming of the establishment called the BBC.

My love of radio and music has carried me through my life. I have always worked on the radio as a labour of love, this has included land based pirated activity ( yes I was prosecuted), three hospital radio stations, Country Music Radio ( one of the early stations to broadcast via the Astra 1D satellite ), XCEL FM Rock Station, Star FM, Fen Radio, ARFM and LA Rocks Radio.

I look forward to a long and happy time with Radio Seagull, with the view of sharing the music I love which will comprise of a wide selection of old and new releases and keeping the music as eclectic as possible because as we say at Radio Seagull "There's more to music than hits alone".


Paul Bedford