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Mike Hagler began working in radio in Los Angeles in 1966 at UCLA campus radio KLA as a DJ and then as reporter for the Credibility Gap, doing comedic commentary on the news for the Los Angeles AM rock radio station KRLA. He then worked as a journalist at KABC talk radio 1969 and then in late 1971 became the news director at Los Angeles's first underground radio station KPPC-FM, where he also hosted progressive rock music shows.

In January 1974 Mike became a DJ for Radio Seagull on the radio ship Mi Amigo and then continued on for the year when Seagull reverted to Radio Caroline. He also did pre-recorded rock music shows for Caroline in 1978-79 from his home in Los Angeles. After moving his wife and two children to New Zealand in 1981.

Mike continued his broadcasting journalism career with Radio New Zealand during the late 1980s. Then in 1989, he became an ocean ecology campaigner for Greenpeace International for more than 16 years.

In recent years he has taught English to migrants who've moved to New Zealand from non-English speaking countries and currently teaches literacy and numeracy courses for adults.