Radio Seagull on air: MANDY MARTON

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About Mandy:

Mandy spent her formative teenage years listening to London's legendary landbased pirates of the 1970's and 80's and, once bitten by the bug, she was soon helping out at various stations. It didn't take long before she was presenting programmes under various on-air pseudonyms and from these humble beginnings she graduated to ordering the boys around and running her own station as well as some very brief work on BBC local radio and the famed United Biscuits Network (UBN).

From a start in radio she progressed to hanging out with London's underground punk movement of the early 80's and danced and sang on stage with several bands such as UK Subs and The Addicts. For a while she fronted her own band – a Blondie look and sound alike. Along the way she worked closely with people like Max Splodge of Splodgenessabounds, and Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze.

One day she appeared as an audience member of BBC’s “Top Of The Pops” where her dancing skills were noticed by the programmes choreographer. This led to an offer to be part of the new on-set dance troupe replacing the recently disbanded Legs and Co. To this day she regards a studio dance routine to Duran Durans “Girls on Film” as one of her pinnacle career moments.

1984 saw her take a trip to the Radio Caroline ship “Ross Revenge” on the North Sea, where she had been offered on-air DJ position. However, being the only girl at that time on a ship full of guys did not overly appeal, and she declined the offer. A relatively “normal” career in insurance/banking/finance was to become her chosen path through life and during the 1990’s devoted family life became the norm.

NOW, in the noughties, life has turned full circle and she is back in radio where she started out all those years ago though she has no plans to put the wellies back on and tramp round those muddy fields!