Radio Seagull on air: GLEN BATHGATE

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Glen writes:

As a young child I was fascinated by radio and used to tune in to all the music and comedy shows. My favourite programmes were comedies like the Navy Lark and Round the Horne. I was a keen fan of pirate stations like Radio Scotland and Radio North Sea International. I also tuned in avidly to Radio One, the BBC's replacement for the pirates. I was very interested in the voices behind the microphone. I remember listening to DJ's like Kenny Everett, Johnnie Walker, Emperor Rosko, Robbie Dale and Noel Edmonds and always thought that would be a brilliant job.

My DJ career began in the 1970s; I worked with various discotheques in the North East of Scotland but my ultimate ambition was to work in radio. There weren't any local radio stations in my area when I was a teenager. So I recorded audition tapes in my bedroom and sent them off to stations like BBC Radio One and Radio Luxembourg. They largely consisted of me warbling into a cheap plastic microphone and playing scratchy records at the wrong speed. Not surprisingly the tapes met with a total lack of enthusiasm but I was determined to break into Radio somehow.

My radio career began in 1981 with a 12-year spell in Hospital Radio. Since then I've worked for many radio stations across Britain, The Republic of Ireland and Europe. I currently present a weekend show on Waves Radio in Peterhead.

I was obviously aware of Radio Seagull during its offshore days in the 1970s but I first encountered the current incarnation when I acquired an Internet radio (best purchase I've ever made). I loved Seagull's varied music policy and had to be involved in it.

If you listen to my show you'll hear musical genres such as Rock, Prog Rock, Punk, Proto Punk, Psychedelia, Psychobilly, Thrash Metal, Trash Metal, Country, Alternative Country, Ambient, Dance, Trance, Indie, Folk, Americana and Post-Modernist Caledonian Fish-Thrash. I made that last genre up by the way.