Radio Seagull on air: GERRIT JAN BLOEMINK presents SYMFOMANIA

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DJGJ writes:

A little history of the Dutch Rock Show SYMFOMANIA!

Many years ago, there was an enthusiastic guy who appreciated Symphonic and Progressive Rock! His name was DJGJ, a guy living in the middle part of The Netherlands, and he enjoyed the music of many great bands such as Genesis, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Yes, IQ and many, many others…

But what a pity: in his country there was no radio show with his favourite music…so he got an idea: his own music show at a radio station! But ohwoh, how to realise this phenomenal idea?

To make a long story short: the guy contacted the local radio station, called Nieuwegein-Radio, but the management of this radio station had to think about it and it takes more than one year for them to get it realised. But after waiting and waiting, the good news came and in September 1994 the show started.

Symfomania was a great but small success with the following highlights: in every show many new cd's, regular interviews (with bands as Marillion, IQ, Pallas, Porcupine Tree, Landmarq, Everon, Ayreon, Jadis, Pendragon, Collage and many many others bands), sometimes some gigs in the radio studio a.s.o. The fans and bands enjoyed SYMFOMANIA very much.

In December 2003 Nieuwegein-Radio was closing down and DJGJ was a little bit disappointed…but there was (again) good news: an other Dutch radio station called Radio Seagull was there with progressive and alternative music. This radio station could be a home for SYMFOMANIA??!!

And yes! In July 2004, SYMFOMANIA-Rock Show had a new start at Radio Seagull and is still going strong ! Every Sunday evening from 20:00 till 22:00 hrs CET. Besides SYMFOMANIA-Rockshow, DJGJ plays in a new Dutch Prog-band called SILHOUETTE (see the website:

CheerZ! DJGJ