Radio Seagull on air: GARRY LEE onboard the STARSHIP OVERFLOW

Show times:
Saturday 0900-midday; 2100-midnight

Garry writes:

Greetings friends…so you've come to investigate me have you? Ok, well what do you want to know?

For me, it's always been about the music – nothing more, nothing less. Of course I do have a great fondness for radio (edging towards a very slight case of anorakism, though it's nothing serious I hope)!

My first recollection of radio, was pestering my mother in the early 70's, telling her to turn up the portable transistor radio in the kitchen, as I loved listening to Radio North Sea International, which at the time we used to hear on FM in the outskirts of Ipswich. After that, it was Radio Seagull/Caroline, then Atlantis (those echoed jingles & sound effects were marvelous). Later after the pirates had all closed, I got heavily into the John Peel show. As I was growing up, my music taste was changing rapidly, getting into Punk, New Wave, and early electronic synth bands plus other strange stuff!

My favourite Offshore radio station was Overdrive 963 in the mid 80's. It catered for all the Alternative & Underground album music I loved and you couldn't hear any of it elsewhere, so that was exciting. When it closed, I was absolutely gutted, so decided to start my own station to fill the gap.

As a naughty pirate broadcaster, the Overflow kept going through various outlets and via relays, right up until 2001, when I decided to start doing things legitimately for a change. Since then, the Overflow has been re-born as a radio show, carried by various other legal radio stations, until Radio Seagull began in August 2003. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this fantastic and unique station and am more than happy to keep on bringing you the very latest in new & pre-releases as Radio Seagull grows.

The Overflow format these days, is much the same as it always has been. I've NO TIME for chart or dance music, or anything commercial set up to make money for the fat-cat music industry. For me, It's a very strict diet of Alternative and Underground music, plus anything avant-garde, creative, out of the ordinary, or unusual. I also enjoy giving un-signed bands and artists a chance to get heard on the radio and consider anyone with a talent and a good ear!

There is so much music out there, I intend to pass on as much of it as possible, before they cart me off to be cryogenically frozen. Just think yourself lucky you won't be around when they thaw me out in 300 years time!

FORMAT : Alternative / Underground (Including : Rock / Psych / Progressive / Metal / Gothic / Punk / Ska / Reggae / Acoustic / Americana / Festival Oddities and all things avant-garde.