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Eddy writes:

My first influence in radio came whilst living in Copenhagen (my favourite European city) with Radio Christiania. I have always been interested in progressive and diverse music, which has led to my attendance at many great rock events throughout the world.
One of the highlights have been the 1969 Isle of Wight festival with Bob Dylan and the Stones in Hyde Park concert, during the same year when I was just in my teens.

Since that time, I have been personally involved in setting up RSLs throughout the Manchester area – even taking out the license for our own local RSL broadcast in my own area of Manchester. Subsequently, this has led to my involvement in community radio stations in my home town of Salford, England, which has naturally led to my current role with Salford City Radio.

My involvement with Radio Seagull began when I started listening to the radio station, and my attraction to it was that an aspect of this station ’s policy is to allow presenters to create their own show and concentrate on the music. This gives us total freedom in our choice of material. I have been with RS for a number of years now.

My program on Radio Seagull features all kinds of music, ranging from new, indie, and alternative to country and rock music from around the world. It’s the kind of music that might be missed by commercial radio stations, and probably wouldn’t form part of any set play-list. For musicians who wish to have their music played, this provides a platform for their songs to be heard, and in particular, unknown bands the opportunity to be aired.


Some highlights of my show have been with bands like The Norman Beaker Band, who provided an exclusive acoustic session for Radio Seagull. I have interviewed musicians from all over the world including Ash Grunwald from Australia and Ian Bel from Norway. All brilliant stuff!

If you are a music lover, looking for something different, then you won't be disappointed! There is the unusual, the obscure, the classic, and the new, with the odd world tune thrown in for good measure — all interesting, all quality stuff. So tune in, and be as amazed as I am, at how much fine music there is out there yet to be discovered.

You can catch my show on Radio Seagull 1602AM or online, at for the best exercise your ears will ever get!

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