Radio Seagull on air: ANDY SENNITT

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About Andy:

Andy Sennitt has been interested in radio all his life, and spent his teenage years listening to the British offshore stations of 1964-67.

Arriving at Lancaster University, Andy was delighted to discover that the students had been given one of the first university radio licences in the UK, and was soon involved with University Radio Bailrigg.

For one year he was the station director, and always had to be on standby to present live shows when the scheduled presenter didn't turn up. Andy says this type of community radio was a great way to learn all the basics of radio. Hospital broadcasting was well-established as a great source of on-air talent, but the authorities were initially wary of student broadcasters. That changed, and one of Andy's successors as station manager, Richard Allinson, went straight from university to present the breakfast show on London's Capital Radio and is now a long-serving presenter on BBC Radio 2.