Radio Seagull on air: ANDY BROOKS

Show times:
Wednesdays 17.00 - 19.00
Thursdays 05.00 - 07.00

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Born and bred Essex boy raised on a diet of meat 'n' veg from Romford market and Depeche Mode. After many years of being bombarded by his music radio programmes, his family and friends were highly relieved when he moved on and hosted programmes on Radio Caroline during their first licensed broadcast in Dover in April 1992. Several years later he became a founding member of The Album Zone where he had the privilege to work alongside other presenters who shared his passion for playing personally selected quality music, old and new. During the following years he could often be heard on satellite radio and local radio in France. He also hosted programmes in the current hometown of Radio Seagull when Radio Stad Harlingen hosted an Album Zone special event. In 2003 the invitation to be part of the relaunched Radio Seagull was one to which there could be only one answer.