Radio Seagull on air: ALAN HODGETTS

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Alan writes:

"Ah", I hear you think. "What is a handsome looking guy like that doing on the radio? He could be a Hollywood movie star!"

Well, ok, maybe you're not thinking that, but I'm going to pretend you are! – And that to me is the essence of radio, not the thinking of me as a movie star (although feel free to do so if you like!) but the idea that everything is pretend. Anyone can hear the music and in their minds be anyone they feel like being; close your eyes and you can be anywhere. It's an old cliché that the pictures are better on radio, but that doesn't mean it's not true!

My first real memories of radio are of taking a tiny transistor radio to school in my pocket and listening on an ancient earpiece that I'm sure came from a hearing aid! As you can imagine the quality wasn't exactly amazing but I did love listening. I'm sure that listening like that was the reason I didn't enjoy school, … all the teachers kept talking over my programes!

My first job was shoveling sand on a Youth Opportunity Placement Scheme, I actually thought Id signed up to train as an audio visual engineer; I never did work out what shoveling sand had to do with it!

I then moved into the world of sales – I sold anything and everything – some of the items weren't even for sale… I enjoyed the job and the driving around as I got to, you guessed it, listen to the radio in the car! I missed a lot of appointments sitting in that car because I wanted to hear the next track or link!

It was while I was in sales that people started to tell me that "you should be on the radio!" ….. and those few words have been haunting me and following me round ever since. I can't decide if it's been a blessing or a curse but I do know that my time working on air has undeniably been the very best times of my life.

In the meantime I became a (very bad) musician, and I am still playing keyboards and warbling softly in the background for a variety of bands.

My first job in radio was in 1990, working for BBC CWR (now BBC Coventry & Warwickshire) presenting a specialist show called 'Al's Unsigned Heroes', a very successful format that is common today, but at the time was a relatively new concept promoting new bands and music. Then, for more years than I care to remember, I moved on to present all sorts of shows both within the BBC and on commercial radio before finally finding myself here on Seagull. This has to be the best gig in the world! Great music, great presenters, what more could you ask? …. Have you heard the music? No? Well tune in and have a listen! I'm always open to suggestions of what you'd like to hear: alan@ mail me!

Other than that, I enjoy riding motorbikes and trying to convince people that I should be a Hollywood movie star! … and I should, you know I should!